We are annual participants in The International Marching Band Competition in Limerick. Although we are not officially a marching band, we like to keep on our toes and do some marching from time to time - especially on St. Patrick's Day.

The Band is available for hire for concerts, etc. throughout the year. With our 169 year old music library we should be able to find anything you want!

We are always interested in contacts with other bands, both far and near. If you are a band coming to Ireland, please pay a call to Limerick and visit our beautiful city. And if you are anywhere near the Band Hall, please drop in!


Chairperson:  Hannah Phelan

Vice Chair: Tony Chapman

Secretary:  Austin Keogh

Treasurer:  Micheal Keller

Committee Members:  Martin Ryan,

Brendan Russell, Dan Reidy

Librarian:  Donald Phelan

Musical Director:  Andrew Jordan

Trustees:  Declan Hickey, Ger Power and

Pa Phelan

President:  Pa Phelan

Vice President: Declan Hickey

Welcome to the website of one of Ireland's oldest and most respected Brass and Reed Bands, the Boherbuoy Brass and Reed Band. Established in 1850, in the Boherbuoy area of the city, the band is well known locally for our tradition and sense of community.

The Boherbuoy Band is a voluntary, not for profit, organisation. It is self-financing. Its operational expenses are defrayed through its fees for public performances and its nominal membership fees, supplemented with other varied fundraising events and charitable donations.

Many musicians in Limerick have some sort of connection with the Boherbuoy. Known across the city and county, the Boherbuoy Band is thriving in Ireland's wonderful Limerick City. And we don't just confine our playing to the Limerick area. We are well known in Clonakilty (Co. Cork), for the South of Ireland Band Championships. For the last few years we have competed in the National Band Championships run by the IABCB which has taken us all over the country, and which we have won at intermediate and senior level three times since 2007!

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